Scandinavia is best known for it’s iconic design and infastructure

Scandinavia is best known for it’s iconic design and infastructure

Scandinavia is best known for it’s incredible culture, friendly people and of course it’s iconic design and infastructure. Scandinavian design is centreded around the idea of ‘democratic design’ - the idea that beautiful products should be accessible to everyone. It combines simple elegance with functional design, and we can’t get enough of it.

One of the best examples of Scandi-style are their stunning interiors. Subtle, minimalist style with clean lines and light colors draw inspiration from the Nordic nature that revolves around homelife. Think beyond Ikea. Think furniture that has a quiet, understated aesthetic made using natural materials and traditional craftsmanship.

Read below for our tips on how to create your very own Scandi-inspired look for your home.


There is definitely a color palette associated with Scandinavian designs. Whites, grays, blacks and browns are often interwoven creating a clean and calming look. Make these your main colours and then introduce a simple pop of colors like a dusty pink and rich sea green. But don’t over do it! In typical Scandinavian spaces, walls are kept white allowing for furniture and art to captivate.


“Fresh flowers are not a luxury, they’re a necessity”. Indoor plants are an as essential in the Scandinavian home. Adding some greenery around your home is a fabulous way to bring some colour (that ‘pop’ we were talking about) and adding a sense of calm. Scandinavians are very close to nature so to achieve the perfect Scandi feel, bring nature closer to you.


One of the truest characteristics of Scandinavian interior design is making sure spaces are well used and free of clutter. Storage is wisely implemented in the form of cabinets and shelving. Every element of the decor is intentional with a “less is more” mantra, keeping spaces looking clean and visually relaxing (with the added bonus of less cleaning!


Wooden accents are an essential of any Scandinavian home, from the wide-planked floors to the individual pieces of furniture. The wooden accents will warm up your space and provide a beautiful, natural texture.

At Danske Mobler we have a range of furniture that reflects the Scandinavian style perfectly. The Copenhagen range boasts many of the popular features including a sleek mix of white panels with a light oak. Available in a slat bed, dresser, and bed side table, tallboy and slumboy, it’s never been easier to create your own Scandinavian interior in your very own home.

Posted: Friday 1 September 2017