Homestyling Tips from the Danske Mobler Taupo Team

  • Bring colour in with accessories
    Keep the overall colour scheme neutral so you can bring in colour with your accessories to match the seasons.
  • Get your Stressless chair fitted
    Take the time to get your Stressless chair fitted to your body.
  • Buy your bed for comfort
    Most important thing when buying a bed is comfort - make sure you try before you buy. You should be able to lie down and be instantly comfortable and relaxed. Here's John showing you how it's done!
  • Tilt umbrellas
    A tilting umbrella allows for shade once the sun begins to drop. Tilt umbrellas are available both in the traditional pedestal and cantilever types with cantilever allowing for more versatility.
  • Stop outdoor furniture blowing around in the wind
    To stop outdoor furniture from blowing around in the wind, remove the rubber feet, pour sand into them and they are less likely to move around the deck.