La-Z-Boy; not as you know it!

La-Z-Boy; not as you know it!

There is something about grandad’s chair. Often brown suede or leather, just the right amount of recline and at times slightly daggy, it was always the comfiest seat in the house. When thinking about a chair of that nature, the name that springs to mind is usually La-Z-Boy, or at least it used to be.

Known for their iconic recliners and sofas, La-Z-Boy is an American company created in 1928. When looking for a great quality chair that provided ultimate comfort, La-Z-Boy had exactly what you needed.

It wasn’t until recent years that La-Z-Boy decided to shake things up. After decades of providing sofas and chairs that had a distinguishable ‘La-Z-Boy’ look, the company decided to add some new styles to their palette. While the classic chairs still remain, La-Z-Boy’s new designs surprised and delighted many with with their sleeker and modern feel.

Urban Attitudes is one of the newer ranges that is set to impress. Think clean lines, beautiful fabrics and simple but elegant features that transcend the seasons. One of the most striking details of the Urban Attitudes range is the variety of colour. Art deco pastels create a retro feel with a modern twist such as the Chicago Sofa in ‘Victoria Saragrossa’. Or choose from the selection of more classic tones that resemble European styling such as the aptly named Prague Sofa in beige. For a hint of colour, you can’t go wrong with a deep red, perfect for a feature chair or footstool to brighten up your space.


La-Z-Boy’s modern additions to their iconic catalogue means they have something to suit every taste and style. Their classic American-style chairs are perfect for entertaining such as in a movie room, while the new range are a focal point for any room in the home. And best of all, La-Z-Boy’s standard for high quality and comfort can still be found in every piece of furniture. We stock a wide range of La-Z-Boy products from all ranges and can help you find the right look for your home.

Take a look at the Urban Attitudes Range and see for yourself.

Posted: Thursday 20 April 2017