All leathers are not created equal

All leathers are not created equal

Quality leather is an amazing product – durable, comfortable, stain resistant and easy to care for, especially if you have kids, cats and the odd red wine spill. Leather can absolutely exude chic classiness.

Cowhide is most commonly used in furniture and is either full top grain, top grain or split leather. The finished product generally goes through a three-part process where it’s pigmented, surface spray-coloured and protected with a clear coating.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when furnishing with leather:

  • Tan leather gets better with age
  • Can’t decide between fabric and leather? Mix and matching textures is a great look; denim and linen are fabulous partners with leather
  • Bear in mind that even top quality leather won’t be sustainable if the framework isn’t well engineered. The three little pigs story is a useful analogy.
  • Dark colours are particularly stain resistant
  • Corrected and protected leathers are easier to keep clean than full top grain

Posted: Wednesday 18 January 2017