Create a Wall Gallery

Create a Wall Gallery
Need to a project for a winter's day?  Creating a wall gallery is a fantastic way to fill large empty spaces with treasures, collections and images uniquely you. It’s your very own blank canvas that can add oomph to a plain wall and inspiration when you need it.  Designers have plenty of rules on how to achieve a great look and there’s an abundance of information and how to advice on line. We’ve put together five tips to help:
  1. Trace the frames or objects on to paper and make a large template - move the traced frames around the template until you’re happy with the outcome then translate it to your wall.
  2. By photocopying your images and moving them around you’ll get an idea of how they’ll work together.
  3. Measure the area and play around arranging your collection on the same size space on the floor.
  4. A single edge along the bottom line of a collection, for example above a long sofa, creates a unified look.
  5. Use a pin board to create a mini gallery, this is a great way to get inspirational ideas above a workspace.

Posted: Wednesday 15 June 2016